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Welcome again to the Mentors Program! We're so excited you're here.
We are hoping great things to come from this mentor partnership. 

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Program Details:

This programs will help you work with your team leader AND your upline Senior Mentor,

who has not only made it through the Sixteen Steps but who also has had success building his/her GDI Team Elite and was mentored by another successful leader through this same program! In Some cases your team leader and your Senior mentor will be the same person. 

In this program your team leader mentor will help mentor you through the pracical skills you will need to be successful marketing online in our specific nitche. Our goal is to help take your business to the next level
and help you earn much higher mothly residual income.

If you don't know who your upline Senior Mentor is please take the time NOW
to ask your team leader. You can also search for their email, Skype or Facebook Messenger address
 on the Special Team Leaders Page
here. Take the time to reach out and meet your
Senior Mentor if you have not already. :)



Lessons 1-5
Important Note for New Members and Team Leaders:

To begin
each Team Leader helping a new member through these lessons may need sometimes to reach out for support from their Senior Mentor as there is NOT a read and learn curriculum to go with these Lessons.

These lessons are "hands on" and your team leader or Senior Mentor should know
all these lessons by heart and use them every day. Each of these lessons correspond to
lessons taught in the Sixteen Steps.

1st Lesson:


1) We will help you build a personal capture page with your picture to promote.
2) We will give you a special trackable link that we will be able to help you monitor how many hits you're getting and from where and who is converting. In other words, we will help you monitor who is subscribing to your pages and what members end up signing up to become new GDI Team Elite members.
3) We will help you get started advertising for free with the best verified traffic sites
that work for GDI Team Elite.

This corresponds with the Sixteen Steps: Step Four, Five, Six, and Ten...
We will accomplish all this for you by using our personal tools that we pay good money for monthly. This will help you see the value of internet marketing tools that would normally cost you $5 - $80 a month. You also will have access to some expensive tools that we share among our team leaders.

On Lesson Three you will need to have an autoresponder in place to help you build your personal list. We will of course help you decide which one would be the best for you. By Lesson Five you should have the basic tracking and capture page tools that you will need to carry on successfully and to help mentor your personal team. :)
2nd Lesson:
2) We will now help you build capture pages inside the Prosperity Marketing System and any other systems you might have that helps build these pages. Some of these programs might be: 
a) BuildabizOnline
b) TrafficWave
c) Aweber
d) Onyalist
e) The Power Lead System
f) Wordpress Plugin
e) other
Your leader has the option to show you how to create great graphics for free
using "Canva" and where to find free pictures from Pixabay.

This corresponds with the Sixteen Steps: Step Nine,Twelve & Sixteen.

3rd Lesson:
3) We will now help you get your autoresponder messages set up for GDI Team Elite
and also help you begin writing your own email copy.
This corresponds with the Sixteen Steps: Step Eleven.

4th Lesson:
3) We now will help you understand how to interact with your Mailing List
and to how to create that “Know Like and Trust” to create that vital “spark” in your business.

5th Lesson:
5) This is the last major lesson to help you develope a practical vision
for what it will take to reach Six Figures. At the end of this your mentor will still be available as always to talk to and to share ideas and new developements with. 

Now you are on your way!

What you can expect:

One: Okay, so these lesson are not a "get rich quick" schemes.
So expect things to take time. Nothing substantial happens overnight.
We do care about your success and will not
leave you to figure it out yourself.


Need Help? Connect with me here

From all the leaders in the Mentors Program,
we're looking forward to working with you! 

Albie Derbyshire
cell: 626-379-5692
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